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Aerosol Deodorants

Have you ever asked yourself what deo? Well in this case were talking about antiperspirant. More specifically aerosol deodorants. What does this mean you ask? This means your antiperspirant is under pressure. In a can. It can be easily sprayed into your armpit. Is deodorant considered a liquid? In some cases yes. Is deodorant bad for you? This depends on your body’s sensitivity to the chemicals in commercially made deodorants. Therefore natural antiperspirant might be a good alternative. Why is deodorant bad for you you might ask? Mainly because aerosol deodorants might contain harsh chemicals as propellants. Dangers of deodorant might include mimicking the effects of estrogen linked to breast tumors. However, no evidence leading to breast cancer. Hormone disruptors, carcinogens, pesticides, are just a few subjects studies at this time.. Thank you for the time spent on our website. Please register and share your homemade recipes and DIY health care treatments with us.