May 19, 2018
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Home Herpes Treatments

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Home Herpes Treatments

Herpes Simplex Virus infects between 70 and 90 percent of the American population. Home herpes treatments are not always necessary because not everyone who is infected with the virus produces cold sores, some 50 million adults suffer only one outbreak every year.

 Oral Herpes

The condition isn’t serious, but it does cause misery though the blisters that appear around the mouth and burst, leaving painful, unpleasant looking lesions.

Untreated, cold sore generally heal in 7 to 10 days, although this takes longer in some sufferers.


However, there is a huge demand of cold sore treatments due to the mental anguish that can occur, with many avoiding all social contact when suffering an outbreak. Having a Home Herpes treatment is crucial for every occurence.  

While medical research is ongoing and has been unsuccessful in finding a cure, there are treatments that can help the symptoms.

However, with some trials showing that these products are no better than natural cold sore treatments, plus the possibility of side effects and relatively high cost, many choose to treat their cold sores with such natural remedies.

With no cure currently available, home herpes treatments focus on either preventing outbreaks from taking place so regularly, or healing the symptoms when an outbreak does occur.

Popular medicinal products include Abreva and Zovirax, both of which may offer some relief.

However, watching what you eat – the normal diet advice applies here, eat plenty of fruit and veg and moderate your intake of processed foods, salt, sugar and fat – taking regular exercise and avoiding stress are all helpful in preventing attacks.

Once a cold sore arrives though it is time to switch to healing.

There are a variety of supplements and topical remedies that can help, such as lysine taken in the diet or via supplements and the pain can be treated with a painkiller such as ibuprofen.

Natural treatments include lemon balm and tea tree oil, both of which will fight the virus, while soothing the affected area.


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