Dec 19, 2017
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Making Homemade Sugar Face Scrub

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Sugar Face Scrub Recipe

Best glass jar with scrub, spoon and sea salt on wooden background

simple glass jar with scrub, spoon and sea salt on wooden background

Making Homemade Sugar Face Scrub

Simple sugar face scrubs and basic skin care involves cleansing and moisturizing but once in awhile, the skin needs exfoliation to get rid of dead skin cells. As we age cell regeneration slows down, exfoliation helps the process along. One to try is sugar face scrub. Sugar cane produces glycolic acid a natural alpha hydroxy acid which exfoliates skin. Though easily bought a health shops and online, it can easily be made at home using stuff from the pantry.

For a homemade sugar face scrub, mix one-part sugar with one-part honey. Mix then spread onto face. Honey has natural antiseptic properties and great for treating acne. Don’t rub, just pat to prevent pulling the skin. Use sugar scrub in the neck and body, scrub on rough areas especially elbows and knees. Brown sugar can be used.

Another sugar face scrub to try is mixing one-part sugar, one-part vegetable glycerin or virgin coconut oil, Aloe Vera gel, just a touch, essential oils like orange if desired. Orange essential oil is anti-inflammatory, used in best Sugar Face Scrub and wrinkle lifting creams and is aphrodisiac, enough said. Mix thoroughly and apply on skin. Brown sugar face scrub works like a light chemical peel because of its alpha hydroxy acid in the high black strap molasses content in natural brown sugar.

Mix with a little amount of water, gently rub or pat on wet skin. Allow to soak for at least 10 minutes then rinse. Store sugar facial scrubs in small sealable containers or tubs. Since these spoil easily, use in one month’s time and discard remaining scrub.

Like any homemade concoction, be aware of skin’s reaction. Making homemade sugar face scrub is cheaper alternative to buying it since they tend to be expensive. Use scrubs twice a week to see skin looking finer and smoother in texture.

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