Dec 19, 2017
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Natural Facial Mask Recipes

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*Facial Mask Recipes*

They Taste as Good as They Will Make You Look

Natural Facial Mask Recipes


 The fact is, people are judged primarily on how they look.

A person’s face  is the key factor which determines if that person will be initially rejected or welcomed, criticized or complemented in most social settings..

It is for this reason that even during the Egyptian civilization, people have already used cosmetics and make-up to enhance their features. But probably unknown to many, facial masks and facial mask recipes were used way before these cosmetics.

Indeed, where beauty is concerned, people will always find ways and means to remedy any problem. Cleopatra made her own facial mask recipes. Much like her famous eye make-up and her legendary milk and honey baths, her facial mask recipes continue to be used up to this time. And what would the secret ingredient to her effective and enduring facial mask recipes be? The secret ingredient is egg white which also happens to be the only ingredient.

The Chinese too, aside from their many inventions, have their own recipes for beautifying the face and making it whiter. They made use of pearl, finely ground into powder, and mixed with ginseng and white jade. Today, it would be a little facial mask recipe are so expensive to try these facial mask recipes.

Now, there are facial mask recipes to address any type of skin problem. In fact, people have experimented with every type of fruit, vegetable, and plant imaginable. Some have even made it a half and half routine; half they cook, and the other half they put on their face.

There are facial masks using avocados to soothe dry skin. Some even mix in yogurt. Banana and egg whites remove wrinkles and tighten the face. Cucumber smoothens, honey clears the pores, while grapes, oatmeal, and turmeric cleanses.

So, if one has any of these foods at home going to waste, there’s no harm in trying it on the face. Who knows, it just might be the magic cream everyone has been looking for.


Honey Cucumber Skin Toner

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