May 9, 2018
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Pure Natural Body Soap Ideas

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Wouldn’t it be great if we all could take care of your body from head to toe? If you would like to refresh and cleanse yourself, why not make yourself a natural body soap?

Why make natural soap products?

Natural body soap set products are best for those who have sensitive skin. As you know, most facial, body and hand bar and liquid soaps we have today are made of strong ingredients and chemicals. Making your own natural and organic soaps will ensure that you are not exposing your skin to these harsh ingredients.

It is also best if you simply would like to pamper yourself and give your skin the nourishing luxury it needs. This is something that you might not be able to get with commercial beauty soaps.

What natural soap products should I make?

It will be great to know as many soap making formulations and methods as you can. You see, when making soaps, you generally follow a few basic process. You can vary your ingredients by playing around with formulations and recipes to make one that best fits your needs and preferences.

If you wish to get serious, the following types of natural soaps may be worth looking into:

Making your own soap bar

There are two types of soap making methods you must learn. If you are a beginner, you may want to start with the melt and pour soap making method. This method simply involves melting a pre-made base and adding additives based on your taste. The cold process method involves making your own soap base with lye and water then mixing additives afterwards. You then put the mixture into molds and allow them to harden before use.

Making your own organic body soap

An organic body soap is relatively easy to do. You simply mix organic oils with soap base. You can also choose to add in enhancers such as organic baby oatmeal and mild essential oils such as lavender.

Making your own antibacterial body soap

An antibacterial soap can be made simply by adding essential oils with natural anti-bacterial property such as tea tree.

Making your own liquid body soap

Once you have mastered making solid soaps, you can move on to making liquid soaps. Liquid hand and body soaps can be more difficult to make in terms of processes. However, if you know how to follow instructions carefully, it should not be a problem.

Making your own bath and body soap.

A body wash soap is also relatively easy to do. You follow the basic steps for making solid bars or liquid soaps then add in additives such as aloe vera or honey. You can also add in natural exfoliants such as oatmeal or herbal tea for an exfoliating bath body soap.

Making your own natural soaps is a very exciting and rewarding experience. It might take time to master all the processes and to come up with the perfect recipe. However, if you work at it, you can be your very own soap crafting guru and provide your skin only with the best.


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