May 25, 2018
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Best Natural Lip Balm Recipe

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Natural Lip Balm Recipe

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In the entire face, lips are perhaps the second most important features that get noticed, second only to the eyes. If eyes describe beauty then the lips describe sensuality. Lips inspire delight, admiration, love, poetry and desire. They are also the gateway to the inner and outer world. They are the meeting point of love. Lips convey the willingness of union both physical and spiritual. Their importance to women can never be understated. Men, since the time of Adam have never differentiated their face from their head preferring to cover them both with hair. When men finally began to shave, the lips had already lost their vigor.
Best Natural Lip Balm Recipe
Best Natural Lip Balm Recipe
  1. Take the beeswax in a small pan and melt it over low flame.
  2. When the wax melts add the cocoa butter and Shea butter and heat till the butters melt.
  3. Add the sweet almond oil and heat for some time.
Recipe Notes

Pour into lip balm containers and leave it to cool.

Lip balms protect the lips from seasonal elements as the lips are very sensitive to slight changes in the weather. And like all homemade things lip balms made at home are the most beneficial and less expensive. The reasons are obvious. Search our site for the various recipes on how you can make lip balms at home.

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