Dec 27, 2017
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Soap Colorants Types

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 Soap Colorants Types







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un-natural colorants in soap are often the same used by food companies
If you are making all natural or organic soap and bath products, it usually means that you are using natural colorants as well. Yet I find that the colorants are often the lastly integrated ingredient to be natural. I see natural soap bases mixed with synthetic scents and chemical colors everywhere. But some not-natural colorants are worse than others.

And now for the not-natural colorants:

Ultramarines: aka ultramarine blue, originally from ground gem stones of lapis lazuli. Used for 100’s of years as a colorant for paintings and dishware. This rock is ground and combined with waxes and oils where the color particles are extracted from the other rock components. True and genuine ultramarine is expensive due to its requirement of high quality blue gems/stones and the labor intensive methods needed to extract it. Virtually all ultramarines are synthetic, although created with natural raw materials and are considered non-toxic and safe in soap. (move this and below to non-clays)

Oxides: are very similar to ultramarines in that there are the naturally mined material, and there are the oxides that are not mined but still created with natural occurring minerals and ingredients, usually heated, that cause color changes.

Crayons: crayons are made with petroleum products, which are made from crude oil. If you want an all natural bar aim for plant colorants.

Food Coloring: some people use these, but food coloring doesn’t mean that it is natural. Food coloring that we all have in our cupboards for cake decorating is made from petroleum oil as well. Also, it is a deep coloring and could leave color streaks on your skin.

Food Grade Coloring: this is often found at soap making suppliers, and I have used this as well. Again, made from petroleum products.

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