May 19, 2018
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Soap Mold Basics

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Soap Mold Basics

What is a mold? A mold can be defined as a substance that is used to give shape to another substance when transforming from one state to another. Even in this case a soap making mold is used to give shape to a soap when transforming from liquid soap to solid soap bars.
In general, a soap making mold can be used which is made materials like plastic, wood or cardboard. It is advisable that you avoid use of materials like tin, aluminum, Teflon or copper, as they react with the lye. You can also use candy and candle moulds for making soaps. You can always keep things simple by using a normal rectangular or square shape container and just cut the bars when the mixture is settled. It has been observed that cardboard milk or juice containers work well as soap making mold as they have wax coating.

If you don’t want the typical square and rectangle shapes, you can always try to make round shapes using plastic bottles or shampoo bottles. Slice the sides of the bottle longitudinally. Tape the sides to prevent leakage. Put the soap mixture in the bottle and allow it to get settled and then keep the mixture for the desired amount of time. Remove the tape and cut the soap into bars of different shapes as you want and let allow it to cure as usual.

Don’t be surprised if you find it difficult to remove the soap from the bottle. In this case, just put the bottle in the freezer for couple of hour, the size of the soap will reduce a bit from the sides and you will be able to release the soap from the bottle.

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