Apr 10, 2018
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Sugar Scrub vs. Homemade Salt Scrub

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Homemade Sugar Scrub vs. Homemade Salt Scrub | Weighing Your Options

Benefits Of Sugar Scrub

Homemade sugar scrub can do wonders for your skin and get you all the attention of your friends and compliments from the opposite sex. Sugar which is one of the most easily available kitchen ingredients is a good exfoliating agent, which if used correctly can help in eradicating dead skin cells and give your skin a gorgeous shine and a smooth silky feel. If spending lots of money at spas is not your cup of tea, or simply is not an option financially there are alternatives! Using a homemade sugar scrub can give you the same great skin results without the enormous costs associated with spa treatments or expensive beauty products.

What is Salt scrub?

Salt, another kitchen ingredient and indispensable for making our food tasty, also has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, making it a great healing agent in the treatment of skin. Salt scrub is prepared by mixing oils, and salt together to make a paste-like consistency. This mixture can be scrubbed over your body to increase skin circulation. Salt scrubs can improves skin texture reducing dry, rough skin, and by removing layers of excess dead skin.

Should I Use Homemade Sugar Scrub Or Homemade Salt Scrub?

Both sugar and salt scrub have exfoliating factors and both can provide the user with pleasing results. The question then becomes, which of these product options is best for you? There are some distinct differences between a homemade sugar scrub and a homemade salt scrub that should be kept in mind when deciding which of them you will be using to exfoliate your skin. If you fail to take these factors into consideration, you may end up with rough skin. It should however be noted that homemade sugar scrub is better than salt scrub for several reasons.

Sugar scrub is more soft and sticky than salt scrub. Since the homemade sugar scrub is sticky it remains attached to your skin while you are applying it, and also remains on the skin after application. These sticky properties give the oils that are used a better chance to take effect because they stay on the skin longer. Salt scrubs are not sticky and fall off when it is rubbed which can lead to waste.

Homemade sugar scrub is more suitable for anyone who is like me and has sensitive skin, as it is gentler and less harsh than salt scrub. Since homemade sugar scrub gets easily dissolved in warm water, it makes it less abrasive on the skin than a salt scrub. If you are like me and are looking for daily relief of certain skin conditions, homemade sugar scrub can and should be used every couple of days to help reduce or prevent symptom outbreaks.

Salt scrubs are not recommended for first time users, and can require a bit of expertise before using. Sugar scrub is ideal for first time users.

Therefore, it is advisable that if you are on the fence as to what type of scrub to use, I have to recommend that you strongly consider the use of a homemade sugar scrub for your skincare needs. Homemade sugar scrub will provide the exfoliating your skin requires, at the same time giving your skin that extra shine, and causing those you know to envy you.

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